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Industry Interview #28 - Lindsley Register

Lindsley Register has kindly taken some time to answer a few questions about working within the industry.
Lindsley is a very talented actress, working on television shows with some of her best known roles being Laura from The Walking Dead and Protester from House of Cards. 
As well as this, Lindsley has also worked on a variety of short films including; Morsus, Ave Maria, Uncommon and Tell Me Anything to name a few. 


Can you please share some background about how you became interested in working within the industry?

I originally went to a Christian liberal arts school in VA, not to study acting but to major in Teaching English as a Second Language. While I was there a friend took me to audition for a play and I was cast. I so loved what I was doing that I began to research acting careers. I switched my major to Theatre Performance and got an agent my senior year who booked me my first job on House of Cards.

Lindsley's character Maria Gibbons
from Ave Maria
What advice would you give to performers trying to break into the acting industry?

The "breaking in" phase is one in which you must hustle. Do short films and student films for free in order to get footage for a reel. Use that reel to get an agent. Be willing to listen and learn from everyone around you. Be willing to drive to auditions hours away. Be willing to spend a night in your car. Be willing to eat ramen and pb&j for a few weeks. Move back in with your parents. Do all of this if you REALLY want it. You may still fail, but the fact is that hard work makes up for even a lack of talent. Take classes and get honest feedback about how your talent is. 

When looking at your impressive resume, I noticed lots of the short films you have worked on you have wrote and starred within them, including Ave Maria and Morsus. Is writing another passion of yours? And do you find it easier to portray a character you have had influence in creating? 

I wouldn't say that writing is necessarily a passion of mine, but it is something that I'm enjoying learning how to do at the moment. There was a time that I got tired of playing a certain role that I was consistently cast in, so I found a group of people who wanted to create more interesting parts for me. We started for fun in small competitions but we ended up making our first feature film this past December ( I love working with my friends, people I know and trust and are talented. They've made some incredible opportunities for me.

Another of your roles was 'Protester' on the beloved House of Cards. Can you talk about your time on the show and working with director/actress Robin Wright?

 I was scared to death on that set. I had never been on a television set before and ended up in the
Lindsley's character Protester
from House of Cards
wrong place haha. Robin Wright was a wonderful director. Lots of heart and focus. We shot for one very long day and I soaked in as much as I could. I spoke a lot with Nathan Darrow (meachum) and Sebastian Arcelus (Lucas Goodwin). Two of the kindest and most generous people I met that day. I was so lucky to be on set with them.

One of your most recent roles is Laura from AMC's The Walking Dead. Can you talk about how you came to work on the show and how you prepared for the role? 

So my agent sent me a selctape request for some character named Diane. I taped one very weirdly comical scene in which I shoot some guy, and I sent it in. About two weeks later she calls me to tell me I'm booked and then next day I need to leave for set in GA. The character was not Diane as that was a fake name and fake scene. I had only one day to look over only the pages with my lines. I got no context as to what was happening. I wasn't allowed to read the script. I had to work extremely quickly to memorize my lines and make some quick choices as to who I was going to play. Television moves FAST. Meaning, everyone is in a rush to get the shot off and you must be so prepared even with very little time to do so. In the place of preparation, it required a lot of confidence to just go for it and make decisions about Laura. The directors guided me from there, but they don't have time for coaching or offering support. I hope to be on the show for a while, but we'll see ;)

In the comic books, Laura and Dwight are close friends and seem romantically interested in one another. In the show we have already seen Laura and Dwight drinking together, do you see a closer relationship growing between the pair? And what is it like working with Austin Amelio? 

It's so hard to tell because they don't always go with the comic book storyline. I'm just not sure. Austin Amelio is a dream partner though. He was kind and affirming when I was scared shitless to be there on the show. A real sweetheart and talent for days.
Lindsley's character Laura
from The Walking Dead

Have you got any projects or convention appearances coming up you can share? 

Check out my upcoming film that I mentioned, This Valley of Dying Stars, as well as another show I'm currently in called SIX. We've got two episodes left this season and I'll start shooting for season two this summer.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! 

Best to you and your career as you hustle and move forward!!

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