Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Unit 31: Social Action - 'Vote' Video

For social action we were tasked with creating a piece that would insight change within a person's life; whether this to encourage the quitting of things such as smoking, drinking, use of recreational drugs or to inspire them to change an aspect of their life in a positive way by exercising, eating healthy and so on.
With the general election coming up, I decided that a positive message that I could portray was the importance to vote, especially for young people (As young people are known not to get involved, with a turnout of only 65% of voters registered in the previous general election) - An audience I would reach through UFilms with help from Stockton Riverside College's promotion.
With an idea research began, to ensure that I would be factually accurate when speaking about the topic of politics and the importance of voting - Checking any statistics, researching the importance/impact the decision will make, etc. 
From here, I then planned the format of the video. I imagined it as a short, formal, informative piece simply expressing in a passionate way the importance of voting.
I also planned to gather VOX Pops as I believed showing a varied group of people of our age discussing politics and its importance would resonate with others and make them consider that they should feel the same interest in politics shown in this video. 

After the plan had been formed I began creating a script to be followed for the presenters at the beginning and end of the video. 
I watched lots of similar content encouraging people to vote and incorporated a variety of aspects and persuasive/professional terminology into my script to ensure it was successful in its purpose and to a professional standard.
As someone who was unsure about voting myself, I also incorporated a lot of things that had changed my own opinion and advice that other people had given me to vote.
Next I formed and organized my team - Kane Smith (Camera Operator) and Taylor Henderson/Danniella Cooper (Alternated between AD/Boom Operator).
I decided to also feature the crew within the video's opening/closing (so we all alternated jobs as and when we presented) as the more people I featured the more powerful the video would be as it would show that lots of young people believe voting is important and may make a person feel 'wrong' or 'left-out' for not voting.
As a crew we worked very well together and filmed both the opening and closing of the video with little to no issue.
Next came the VOX Pop's, as a team we approached a variety of people and I asked the questions I had prepared, they were;
- Do you plan to vote in the upcoming general election?
- What would you say to those who don't vote?
- Do you talk to your friends about politics?
I would then get them to sign a release form in order to ensure we could use their content without any issue.
After gathering all of the footage, I exported it from the SD cards and it was edited by Taylor who completed it to a great standard and uploaded it to YouTube.

It was received very well and gained great comments from Stockton Riverside College staff.
It was also shown at a Q&A organized with Stockton South Labour candidate (and now MP) Dr Paul Williams and again was praised by all, including Dr Paul Williams himself.

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